I need a day off, don’t you?

Do you ever feel like this at school or work? I know I do. Do you need a day off? I do. Obviously, he does too.

Isaac is in first grade. Despite having an amazing, engaging, caring teacher, Isaac sits at his computer all day – minus school and breaks. It’s not just Isaac – it’s EVERY kid. Every kid in my house, every kid everywhere. I imagine they all look like Isaac – bored, exhausted, bare feet, sad. I do too. You know what he needs? What I need? What we all need? A day off. Not a regular Saturday or Sunday, but an unexpected day to rest, have some fun, and recharge. Since our school district is not allowing for snow days, we missed out on that sleep in-play outside- drink hot chocolate-play games – rite of childhood passage we all enjoyed. Instead it’s work as usual. Boring..boring…boring.

Today we took the day off. Well, the little boys and I did. Gary had to work and Emily-Jane had to be in school because she was out for four days last week with the most intense migraine I have ever seen, and has tons of work she needs to make up. Anyway, we’re off today. I have time to read, write, and catalog my photos, while the boys are building, arguing, and being little kids. They needed a break, I needed a break, so we’re taking it.

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